Challenges and Advantages of Working from Home

Working from home is not feasible for all businesses and brands. Most companies need their employees to work from office and are restricted to carry work home. It’s the few lucky ones that get the opportunity to do so. But the employers are slowly warming up to this idea of working from home and have seen the benefits and tried to incorporate a few days of work from home experience for their employees. It is has been a tremendous change from the traditional approach of slogging hours and hours in the office to meet the deadlines. Let us look at the benefits of working from home.

It’s a two-way street

Its amazing when employers think of their employees and vice versa. This will increase the productivity and they would be great rapport between the employer and employee as there is a good level of trust and the employee taking work home is no longer an issue to be frowned upon. It has been seen the employees meet deadlines better. There is a great amount of better work ethics such as gossip mongering, reporting late for work, clocking lesser hours, office politics and other trivial issues can be avoided, and all energies can be focussed on work. The employers now can get best of people in the industry and increase productivity without a decline in the quality of work produced. read more

The Face filters selfie trend

These days a lot of people are obsessed with the fun-filters on Snapchat. The face face-filter option lets you animate your face and give yourself different looks; these filters can also be used while video chatting with friends and love ones on Snapchat. You can also save these filters selfies and post them on your social media account. It is the new trend of taking selfies. Ever since the face-filter option by snapchat has been introduced; a lot of similar apps have been introduced but none of them have been able to do as well as Snapchat.

Why is snapchat so popular?

The face filter is one reason for its popularity among the youth but there are various other reasons and filters also that are responsible for its popularity:

  • The emoji trend- It is basically a platform which is popular and embraced mostly by youngsters. The emojis trend that snapchat has brought is loved by a lot of people and is the best way to communicate with friends. Those who want to have a fun- filled chat love to use snapchat.
  • Auto-delete- Snapchat deletes every chat in 24 hours, which is a little annoying but then it does what the users might have to do ultimately. With the auto-delete option also snapchat is quite popular.
  • Geo-filters- The best part about snapchat is the geo-filter option; these geo-filters are paid but then if you want some extra fun then they are a good option.
  • Snapmap- The latest feature to be added by snapchat is the Snapmap; this feature allows one to share their location so that their friends can find them. It is safe because only friends can find your location.

These are the various reasons for snapchat still being popular even after the launch of similar face filter apps like Snapchat. Masquerade, Snow, Boo, Camera360 are some apps that are some face filter apps like snapchat, which can be used if one wants some change or if you want to take a break from snapchat. Although, there is no competition to snapchat and even with a few drawbacks that it has, it remains one of the best apps for connecting with friends and loved ones. Moreover it is not complicated and can be used easily, so not only youngsters but a lot of adults have also started using Snapchat and are enjoying it.